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Why live in Hertfordshire?

Hertfordshire is a favourite county for travelers who want excellent access to London and the benefits of living in the county.

Nature in the open air:

Hertfordshire is well known for its landscapes, and you will have immediate access to the rolling hills, farmland, and forests of the Green Belt.

There are plenty of opportunities for walking and biking in the area. See the towpaths of the River Lea and the disused railway line of the Cole Greenway in Hertford.

Meanwhile, Lee Valley Regional Park, 26 miles long and 10,000 acres, which stretches along Hertfordshire's south-eastern border, offers outdoor and sporting activities as well as hiking trails.

The parks are spread throughout the county, and the award-winning Verulamium Park in St Albans is one of the best. This 100-acre site is named after the Roman city on which it stands, and the city's ancient walls are still visible today. An on-site museum house objects excavated in the area.

You can also get up close to nature in Broxbourne's Paradise Wildlife Park and St Albans' Butterfly World Project, both of which are particularly suitable for a family day.

Reasons to live in Hertfordshire

  • Excellent transport and short-haul connections to London

  • There is plenty of green spaces and easy access to the countryside.

  • Photo postcard villages

  • Many "good" and "outstanding" public schools, as well as high-performing independent schools.

  • A rich heritage, with numerous historical and cultural sites and events.

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