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How to integrate blinds in the decoration

Take note of these tricks, with which you will learn how to incorporate blinds into the decoration of your home in a natural and unnoticed way. Follow them, and you won't miss!

The blinds are, as it were, the ideal rubric for a perfect decoration. If you match them well with the rest of the textiles, you can give your decoration a finished and well-worked look.

On the other hand, choosing the wrong blinds can spoil all the good work done for the rest of the house. Therefore, their choice, and above all their combination with the rest of the elements, are essential to achieving an enrolment environment.

Today we share with you some tricks to integrate blinds in the decoration in a natural and unnoticed way. With these ideas, your blinds will enhance the colours and patterns you have chosen for the rest of your stay, without taking away their protagonist.

In case of doubt, smooth blinds

If you don't feel very comfortable in the art of decorating with blinds, the best thing to do is to avoid complications and bet on a simple formula. This translates into the choice of smooth blinds rather than printed blinds.

The prints are beautiful and can be critical to a well-thought-out decoration. But they are difficult to combine and integrate. They tend to be more of a statement than a final rubric, and it's not easy to incorporate them without your pulse trembling.

Smooth blinds don't have to be boring. You can choose them in many colours, or combine sets of two blinds of different colours with each other.

You can also bet on plain blinds that combine two colours in the same fabric. For example, a beige at the top and a grey one at the bottom.

If smooth is not your thing and you want to give a touch to the blinds, bet better with embroidery and added details, such as tassels, lace or fringes. They're a great way to give the ensemble a different look without leaving the safer bet.

The printed blinds, better with a pattern

If you want to bet on printed blinds anyway, we recommend you bet on a clear trend. For example, a geometric print, a stencil print or a blind with squares or stripes.

All these prints are discreet and bring dynamism to the blinds while respecting the personality and presence of the rest of the textiles in the room.

Do you fancy more eye-catching prints? Don't worry about it.

The rule to respect is that, in this case, the blinds must be the soul of the room. If, for example, you want to put up blinds of red flowers or tropical leaves, the rest of the textiles have to be neutral. All eyes must be on the blinds.

If you get it, you've got it right!

Uses multiple layers for volume and versatility

If you are going to integrate blinds in the living room or bedroom, it is recommended that you use more than one blind.

The usual is usually a thin white blind to keep it almost always lying and preserve privacy (the so-called blind) and another thicker, robust and opaque blind designed to keep out the light.

With this, you get a double play of light and shadow, more volume in the window and the room looks much more dressed than with a single blind.

There are many variations on this idea. So much so that you can combine up to 3 or 4 blinds of different colours and patterns in a single window.

Now you know all the tricks of the trade to integrate the blinds into your decor. With these tips, you're sure to get it right. Discover our blinds and tell us how you are doing in the comments!

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