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Motorised Blinds

Our Motorised Blinds options make a traditionally luxury product affordable. Still a premium product, we offer the easiest solution for adjusting blinds at a fraction of the typical cost.

Without even needing to leave your chair, you can filter the daylight, increase privacy, and adjust the settings at the push of a button.

The simplest and most convenient solution


Our great range of electric blinds, motorised blinds, and powered blinds all come with that all important factor, simplicity. They are a must have for any hard to reach windows or doors as they can help control the room's temperature, privacy, and enhance your security and safety with the click of a button.

We allow our customers to experience the cutting edge, chic, and contemporary automated blind system for their home of office at affordable prices. They also offer an additional safety benefit in the form of no hanging chains.

✔ Great range of different designs
✔ As versatile as all other blinds
✔ Innovative and affordable
✔ Child safe with no cords
✔ Convenient to use
✔ Simple remote control or wand
✔ Battery operated option
✔ Easy installation

Get your dream vertical blinds today.
Prices start from just £49*

* Price includes survey, fitting, and VAT

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