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Perfect Fit Blinds

Our Perfect Fit blinds feature a unique fitting system that requires no drilling or screwing during installation. They are quick and easy to install, contemporary in appearance too.

The style fits neatly into a stylish frame which moves together with a window or door, giving you blinds without any structural damage.

A clean and tidy approach to shade


The Perfect Fit system is an attractive and innovative window or door blind. They provide the perfect combination of shade and ventilation whilst being as adaptable or changeable as any traditional blind. Furthermore, there is no need to drill holes into any frames. This means that they can be removed or changed without any screw holes needing to be filled.

✔ Large range of colours and textures
✔ Adaptable to any space
✔ No drilling or screwing
✔ Reduced gaps for increased privacy
✔ Child safe with no loose cords
✔ Energy efficient to save you money
✔ Leaves window sills clutter free
✔ Easy to remove and clean

Get your dream perfect fit blinds today.
Prices start from just £89*

* Price includes survey, fitting, and VAT

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