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Why choose wooden blinds

Over recent months, wooden blinds have seen a surge in popularity. Want to know why?

Wooden blinds offer a stylish and modern alternative to the more old school styles of venetian blinds. They are contemporary and can work well in any room. They give you complete privacy and control over light amounts and just like all of our blinds are fully made to measure.

Real wood adds character to any room and wooden blinds are no exception. Unlike any other blind we sell, wooden blinds come with such natural beauty. From light pine to hazel and canadian maple, the range and style are endless.

If you’re thinking “I love the look of real wood blinds but are they suitable for my bathroom?” you might want to consider faux wood blinds. Real woods blinds can become warped over time due to the damp and humidity from your bathroom. Faux wood blinds are a great alternative as they keep the look of real wood but no matter how damp or wet they get, they won’t absorb any water!

If all this talk of wooden blinds has got you thinking, speak to one of our specialists today!

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