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Types of blinds according to their horizontal or vertical collection!

To decide on the most functional and decorative curtain model for our home, we must know the options available.

To make it easier for you to understand the options, we will give you a general overview of the models available with a simple classification;

HORIZONTAL COLLECTION curtains are the curtains that are collected from the bottom up; we will always have in the upper part of the window the curtain, is the case of blinds, roller shutters.

Curtains of VERTICAL COLLECTION, are the ones that have lateral collation, in these cases we will always have the curtain in one of the sides of the window or both, we speak of the traditional curtain, Japanese panel.

From here we explain each model to you;


1. ESTORES - It is the curtain system where the fabric is attached to a mechanism with velcro at the top, and through some threads, the material goes up and down,

These curtains are usually made with traditional fabrics, and there are two models, With rods-Take some transversal rods horizontally, along the blinds, this makes it more formal, because it allows a perfect rise of the fabric, on the other hand, makes it not so easy to wash, as each rod must be removed one by one.

Without rods - it is the same system, but without rods, so they give a more relaxed result when it comes to having them at mid-height, you can see the natural fall of the fabric, they are ideal for translucent and natural materials

2. ROLLER BLINDS - It consists of fabric that as it goes up is rolled up on a tube that is always covered by the structure itself, the usual thing is that the drive is a chain, although there are other options such as crank or motor, which is essential when we talk about large curtains.

due to its characteristics, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, creates a modern atmosphere and makes it possible to make the most of light.

3. NIGHT AND DAY- It is a roll-up, but with double striped fabric, the stripes are overlapping at the crossing, which allows the regulation of the light, hence its name.

The fabric is always of more or less full stripes, joined together by a transparent material. Being a beautiful fabric makes this curtain very appropriate in decoration, getting modern environments with personality.

4. VENETIAN BLINDS - They are horizontal sheets that can be of different widths from 16mm to 70mm, the most usual ones are 25mm and 50mm. It has two possibilities for the drive, the retraction and the adjustment of the slat opening, which is suitable for adjusting the light without having to raise the curtain.



They are curtains made with conventional fabric, with a particular percentage of curl and placed in bar or rail. Depending on the type of fabric used, it has one use or another. Every kind of structure has a different purpose and gives a different look to each room; there are thousands of combinations, prints and textures to choose from.

If what we want is total opacity because the window does not have a blind, the best way to achieve this is with an opaque fabric curtain, which is why it is the most commonly used option in hotel rooms.


It is a modern solution for window decoration, with infinite decorative possibilities.

Specially indicated to cover large windows, from the ceiling to the floor, but they are also suitable for smaller windows, and is very practical as a room divider, giving several uses to the same room.

They are made up of several panels, of the same fabric or combination of different materials, which move horizontally along guides, crossing and overlapping each other to provide privacy and attenuate the passage of light. Very easy to maintain.

3. VERTICAL LINES - Another good option is to use the slat system, since besides being able to regulate the entry of light, according to needs, also in a given moment allows us to create separations or more intimate environments.

Until recently they were more suitable for workspaces, nowadays, given the full range of possibilities that have developed manufacturers make it very ideal for any decoration

With this system we have developed the most original curtains because it allows us not only to personalise with digital images but to make all kinds of combinations and shapes in the slats.

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