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Top tips for window dressing!

Thinking about how to dress your window when redecorating is often the final step in decorating your room; but this doesn’t mean it should be an afterthought.

The windows in a room often provide the focal point, so choosing a blind or curtain that is aesthetically pleasing is key. Luckily there are huge ranges of styles and colours available on the market so finding a perfect fit for any room shouldn’t be a challenge!


Consider how much light or darkness is needed

For rooms such as bedrooms, you want a blind or curtain that offers a high amount of darkness. Some people even consider opting for black out blinds. Consider looking at thicker and heavier blinds. For rooms that require more light, a kitchen or living room perhaps, look for lighter roller blinds or Venetian blinds would usually offer "the best of both worlds" i.e. they can let in a lot of light or create darkness.

Secondly, have a budget in mind

Sometimes, the type of blind or curtain you need to be looking at will be budget dependant. Roller blinds tend to be a good and cheaper option for bedrooms while many people will "splash the cash" and opt for high quality curtains for living rooms. If you're unsure which sort of blinds you should be looking at for your budget, give us a call on 01763 288049, we would be more than happy to advise.

Is your room overlooked?

If you have a room looking out onto a main road or that is perhaps visible from nearby houses, you would be best to look at window dressings. Many people use these for bathrooms. These offer a way to let in light whilst obscuring views from onlookers and passers by. You can then add a blind over the top to control light levels during the evening and night time.

Energy saving and heating

Thicker blinds or curtains will "keep in the heat" more during the winter months than a thinner material blind or curtain. Alternatively, you can get thermal blinds that conserve energy whilst also filtering light effectively.

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