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How to hang Roman Blinds!

The Roman blind consists of a panel of plain fabric that folds vertically, forming an accordion, thanks to a system of horizontal rods sewn at regular intervals inside the material, allowing to roll or unroll using a cord.

The rods serve to keep the fabric taut and thus the folds are formed without any problem. The mechanism is manually operated utilising a cord.

This type of blind, together with roller blinds, is ideal when the blind needs to be limited to the window space only, as is the case with windows that do not reach the floor or those with a little area around them, where traditional curtains or blinds would be a nuisance due to their volume. They are recommended for fixed or sliding windows and are not practical on windows that open inwards. It can be installed on the wall, ceiling or cover.

The installation of Roman blinds can be a bit complicated. It is not very difficult, but it can be difficult without someone helping you. Invite your friends and follow these steps!

  1. Measure about 6 inches from the outer edges of the plate at the top of the louver. Mark these stains with a pencil and drill holes to match their spindle diameters.

  2. Using the same measurement as the previous one, measure your wall/frame window at the same distance in. Mark this with a pencil and punch a hole in a cellar to match its spindle diameters.

  3. Install the L brackets on the wall or window frame using the holes you have already drilled.

  4. Have your friend help you by holding the Roman curtain and placing the holes drilled in the plate on top of the L brackets installed in the wall/window frame. From below, use the screw hole from the top of the L-bracket to the bottom of the Roman Shade mounting plate. Done!

Advice and warnings

Make sure the area where you are installing the L brackets has excellent support. If necessary, use wall anchors for additional support.

Also, when discussing the “mounting” of a curtain or blind, experts refer to the final width of the piece, i.e., whether the curtain will completely cover the window with the included frames (external mounting) or whether it will be installed only inside the window (internal mounting). In an interview for Architectural Digest magazine, interior designer Robert Couturier recommends choosing an external installation when the room design is modern, and the window frames are not particularly attractive. In the opposite case, an internal mounting is the best option.

Do you already have an idea of the right Roman Blinds for your home, business or office? At Blinds and Sails, we offer a variety of Roman Blinds to suit your needs. We are a pioneer company in the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of Blinds in the UK; we will surely have the perfect option for you! Call us on 01763 288049 or fill out the contact form on our page for more information about our products.

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