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How Colours In Your Home Affect Your Mood!

We all know the power of colour, because we use it every day to dress, and we know that what we choose to wear affects us and those around us. However, we often forget the evocative power of colour to improve our mood at home. So before you start decorating, think about how you want to feel in each room. While some colours, energetic and optimistic, awaken our attention and vitality, others transmit serenity and relaxation or encourage concentration, use this guide to combine your favourite colours with your moods.

1. Blue

Statistically, blue is the favourite colour of almost everyone. And it's probably because we're all surrounded by blue: we live surrounded by sea and blue sky. When associated with water, blue represents the gentle splashing of waves or the current of a stream. Like the air we breathe, blue is fresh and vital, reminding us of the clarity of a sunny day under blue skies.

2. Green

Associated with life itself, green represents novelty and rebirth. Think of the trees of the forest: green is photosynthesis, the act of turning light into life. Green also has a whimsical nature, is fun and stimulates conversation.

3. Red

Red rules! It is a colour that appeals to strong emotions - whether love or hate - and inspires our deepest feelings. It is the dynamic movement of the flame and the colour of the blood that runs through our veins. It symbolises all the things that mean so much in our life. Full of ego and emotion, red is the colour of our life force.

4. Purple

Purple brings to mind royalty and ancient civilisations. It is the colour of the Muse, of diviners and prophets. It is the colour of clairvoyants and psychic energy, tenacious and powerful. However, it also represents the tone of intertwined sadness and passion, such as death and resurrection.

5. Yellow

Yellow is associated with "higher powers," things more significant than us simple mortals. For the Egyptians and the ancient Greeks, the yellow Sun was a God. In modern times we associated yellow with the Sun and related it with intellectualism and innocent happiness.

6. Orange

Orange is a warm colour, like the soft energy found in the last rays of the sunset. It relates to our entire life cycle, like the colour of autumn, the symbol of the end of life. Orange, like clay, has a first side that reminds us of our past and our origins.

7. White

White is the colour of spongy clouds. It is associated with an upward movement and the sky, with the purity of snow and innocence. White represents cleanliness and the absence of pain and is as cosy as a pure white cotton sheet to wrap us in.

8. Pink

Feminine colour par excellence, pink is a very positive tone, energetic but not aggressive. It transmits calm. It is an optimistic and purifying colour that is usually associated with delicate environments. It is associated with innocence, charm, delicacy; it is a dramatic tone that transmits calm and releases restlessness. In its most vivid hues, it is best to use it only on a wall, a piece of furniture or details and accessories. Light tones, whether paint or wallpaper, are ideal for bedrooms, dressing rooms and women's bathrooms.

Now that you know what inspires each colour use them in the decoration to improve your mood!

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