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Pairing blinds and curtains - Our guide!

Many of us do just make the decision between a blind or a curtain for our window but for others layering up the two is the best option.

Bottom line is we need to cover our windows whether it be for privacy, thermal protection, blackout (usually in bedrooms) or just simply for style. We choose to have blinds or curtains on most, if not all, of the windows in our homes.

For Light Control

By layering both curtains and blinds you can be in full control of just how much light you let into your room. Choose a simple light filtering roller blind combined with a thick curtain will allow you to control the light both day and night. Pull down your blinds during the day to allow in different amounts of light and control your privacy should you need it. You can then use your curtains of an evening and during the night for full privacy and near complete darkness.

For Blackout

Blackout blinds are a great invention for the bedroom but what if you want to keep your blinds closed during the day for privacy? Keep your go to black out blinds for the best nights sleep but consider a light, thin curtain for day use to keep the light shining through whilst still offer full privacy for your private space.

For Style

If you’re worried about your decor scheme looking too heavy in one colour, doubling your dressings helps to reset the balance. Try mixing styles with a patterned blind and plain curtain or vice versa.

For more information on blinds and curtains, please feel free to get in touch with our team today.

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