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2 Years Warranty Bespoke Conservatory Sails

Our bespoke sails are custom made to individual sizes so that they can fit any specific space no matter how awkward. Furthermore, we can work with an almost unlimited amount of colours and materials.

Sails are our favoured option as they are half the price of typical conservatory blinds, as well as being washable, contemporary, easy to unhook and ultimately, easy to maintain.

We offer a two year warranty on materials and fitting, and we are able to quote the project from just a few images of the space, saving the need for a physical visit.


All of our fantastic Sails are manufactured in the UK where we source the best materials.

Accurately Measured

All of our Sails are measured & fitted by the experts in the field.


We have over 20 years experience in crafting Sails & Blinds for your home or office.


We strive to be competitive, and therefore offer a high end service at an unbeatable price

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The best way to keep your conservatory cool


“Fantastic service and blinds at a very competitive price. I had an issue with ony of my blinds which was swiftly resolved.”

- Mohsin Abbas


“Very happy with the blinds I purchased. They look fantastic and were very affordable! Would go back again.”

- Julie Smith

“Absolutely fantastic service. Perfectly fitting blackout roller blind. I would definitely recommend Blinds and Sails.”

- Jo Everett


Our sails reflect heat up to 70% whilst also eliminating glare

Control Heat, Maintain Light

Our sail blinds help you to control the heat levels and glare of any conservatory or conservatory type room, whilst maintaining all the benefits of a glazed roof. Made in the UK, our exclusive high performance solar controlling fabric was designed specifically for this application, and the fabric will work with all roof types. Our conservatory sails are a must have part of any conservatory where controlling heat and light is important.

We have developed our materials specifically for UK conservatories and UK weather, and because of this our high performance fabric yields high performance results, reflecting heat and removing glare. This makes your space significantly cooler while the special filters diffuse sunlight, allowing the space to still feel bright and open.

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Pricing Guide

Pricing made to measure sails when we offer countless types, ranges, fabrics, and fitting options is an extremely complex task. In preparing our price guides, we have applied them to more straightforward conservatories, choosing to ignore the additional variables to simplify our estimated prices.

Including fitting and VAT, our rough pricing is as follows:

300cm x 300cm Edwardian Style Conservatory: £1,200

300cm x 400cm Edwardian Style Conservatory: £1,350

400cm x 500cm Edwardian Style Conservatory: £1,700

300cm x 300cm Victorian Style Conservatory: £1,425

300cm x 400cm Victorian Style Conservatory: £1,575

400cm x 500cm Victorian Style Conservatory: £1,925

For Double Hipped, there is an additional : +£450

For additional colours or sails, there is an additional: +£100

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