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Ways to save on your electricity bill with blinds

There are more and more fixed expenses that we have every month, among which are mortgage expenses, loans, and supplies, among which the electricity bill stands out, an invoice that rises more and more every year in its fixed part, so it is essential to minimise the variable portion of this invoice.

Also, it is essential to take measures to keep costs to a minimum so that we can squeeze the maximum out of our income, so we are going to give you some practical advice on how to save on your electricity bill through the correct use of blinds.

Home blinds

Choose each blind in the different rooms according to the lighting needs we have. In this way, if we need a lot of light in a place, we will try to put types of blinds that allow light to pass through, and if we opt for roller blinds, we will lower them as little as possible to avoid having to turn on the light.

If we count with double windows: In winter, keep the blinds up so that the house can be as warm as possible and thus avoid turning on the heating as much as possible.

If we do not have a double window, we will try to lower and raise the window depending on the day's light, thus protecting the glass from high exposure to cold, and therefore at the same time protecting the room from the accumulation of cold and then need to turn on the heating longer.

  • In summer: Pull down all the blinds of the house early in the morning, so that the sun does not enter and the heat does not accumulate so much in the room. It has been proven that by keeping the house without light during our home, it reduces the temperature by several degrees and will avoid the need to use air conditioning.

  • Attic attics: We all know that the part of the house that absorbs the most heat for obvious reasons is the roof, so if you have a window in it, as happens in attics, we recommend the placement of a blind in the window, because it will substantially reduce the entry of light.

Local Blinds

  • Choose mesh blinds: If your store has a permanent exhibition, and you need the public to see it at all times, it is preferable to place a mesh blinds, so that the outside light will be reflected in the window display, and fewer hours of light will have to be programmed, with its use only being necessary during the night.

  • Microperforated Blinds: If you have a place where there is no shop window but a constant entry of light is necessary (for example in premises used as an office), we recommend the use of microperforated blinds, which at the same time provide the place with total privacy, we will continue to allow the entry and light.

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