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Indoor or outdoor blinds for your conservatory: we’ll help you to decide!

Whether indoor or outdoor, Conservatory blinds keep the heat in winter and the coolness in summer, an inevitable complement to the ventilation system in place. Protection against light and UV rays, Conservatory blinds have a dual purpose, both thermal and aesthetic; they will both enhance your Conservatory and insulate it.

Exterior blinds: stop UV rays before glazing.

Outdoor Conservatory blinds are very useful because they intercept solar radiation before it reaches the glass and causes the greenhouse effect. Ideal for south-facing Conservatory where the windows are exposed to the sun. Precaution to be aware, external blinds must be installed at a distance of approximately 20 cm from the Conservatory roof to leave a buffer zone between the blind and the glass, to allow the circulation and evacuation of hot air.

A real bulwark against the greenhouse effect, outdoor blinds stop up to 90% of the sun's rays.

The canvas is the fundamental element of the outdoor awning because in summer it will act as a parasol to protect your Conservatory from the sun, and in winter it will protect you from the cold like a thermal blanket, which is why it is important to choose it carefully.

Interior blinds: between decoration and thermal protection.

Indoor Conservatory blinds are known to be less effective for thermal protection, but they are nevertheless an alternative when external protection is not possible. For greater efficiency, adopt a model with a silver or white reflective surface that can reject some of the sun's rays.

To avoid wastage in winter, fabric with an insulating layer of cotton wool or sheep's wool will match perfectly. To facilitate air circulation between the awning and the glass, a micro-perforated fabric should be used.

Interior blinds will make your Conservatory a unique piece by the choice you make for size, shape, materials, colours, materials or mechanisms. The plethora of blinds, reels, fabric pleats or wooden Venetian blinds will add a personal touch to your new living space.

There are several types of interior blinds for Conservatory:

  • Boat or pleated awnings that cool the room effectively, with a piece of fabric that stretches.

  • Decorative and adjustable Venetian blinds by creating light effects.

  • The roller blinds, practical, discreet, elegant and sober.

  • Trapezoidal blinds, specially designed for trapezoidal windows.

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